First came the Grazing Range, then came the YIELDEX!

TEN Finance is always on the lookout for mutually beneficial partnerships, especially when it come to the DeFi community and our TENFI holders! There are so many instances, where the partnerships are done in such a manner that only one of…

· TEN Finance announcing collaboration with Immunefi

· TEN Finance Bug Bounty collaboration with Immunefi offers up to $100,000 to white hats who find any security vulnerabilities in the YIELDEX code

· The YIELDEX smart contract can be found at Github

· The TEN Finance Bug Bounty program on Immunefi can be found at

As everyone who knows TEN Finance, knows that security is of the most important factors for our team and given that the YIELDEX smart contract is a novel, never before done smart contract in the crypto space, we feel that it is necessary for us to take this next step…

The wait is over!

YIELDEX is coming, 10/10/21!

It seems not so long ago we came up with the concept and term YIELDEX, something simple and yet straight to the point. I, Mr. TEN, was frustrated at the tedious process of Yield Farming!

Before I get into the details of how the YIELDEX works…

There is something that connects TEN Finance & Wall Street Games, which goes beyond the blockchain, defi and Binance Smart Chain connection here, it goes back to Mr TEN’s background in traditional financial markets he spent nearly 2 decades managing funds for, so it was absolutely inevitable that TENFI would…


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